Our Skills and Services


Project Management

Management of industry investment in R&D through to farmer driven initiatives like PIRD projects and Action on the Ground (Carbon Farming Initiatives).

Training delivery / development.

Development and delivery of extension packages and farmer training, delivered with a unique ability to adapt generalised information to the specific district or farm.

Ruminant Nutrition

Objective formulation of supplementary feeding strategies to achieve targeted levels of animal performance. Breeding ewe assessments to make appropriate mob splits or aggregations and allocation to the most appropriate pasture ensuring minimum supplementary feeding requirements.

On farm advice

On farm consultation focused on technical improvements in management of major profit drivers.  We can help you make decisions on the right pasture, the right animals the right stocking rate and the right inputs to increase your profits.

Applied Research

Experience with  applied research such as the Monaro Grasslands R&D Project, involving skills in pasture and animal assessment, trial design and statistical analysis means Graz Prophet can contract and deliver field based research. 

Innovative farm systems modeling / decision support

As the first GrassGro development officer with CSIRO Plant Industry Doug developed practical applications for GrassGro and trained new users after its initial release. Innovative applications for GrassGro such as evaluating the effect of climate change and methane mitigation are our specialty.  

We also develop simple to use spread-sheet based decision support tools such as GrazClock.