Decision Support Tools

Many farm decisions are plagued with the question "What If ?". �It is often difficult to think through and calculate the impact of all the possible contingencies and permutations. �"Expert systems" or spreadsheet based decision support tools are a great way for producers to "cover their bases" on a whole range of farm management decisions both tactical and strategic. �Doug Alcock has unsurpassed experience in the use of the CSIRO GrazPlanTM�suite of decision support tools with a major focus on the use of GrassGroTM and GrazFeedTM�to solve real farm problems, managing risk and taking advantage of opportunity. �To see more on the GrazPlanTM tools click on the icons shown.

Doug also has developed a range of simple to use spread sheet based decisions support tools such as the GrazClock�which is signposted in the national Making More from Sheep manual. Other spreadsheet models include the Pasture CFC (cashflow calculator) used in the FNP (Farming Native Pastures) workshop and a Paddock DSE calculator useful in benchmarking paddock performance for the�"Five Easy Steps"�process.

To download these tools click on the icons shown.