A new era in services to Agriculture in NSW

Doug at the Bungarby site of the Monaro Grasslands Research and Development Project.

Graz Prophet was formed by Doug Alcock in April 2013 with a goal of providing evidence based services that grazing industries can rely on as independent of vested interests.

Doug Alcock is a professional agriculturalist committed to sustainable growth in production and profit from extensive livestock systems. �As a livestock officer with NSW DPI he has worked closely with farmer clients, researchers and policy makers for over 23 years.� Doug is recognised by farmers and researchers alike, for his ability to convert research results into adoptable farm practices.

Doug specialises in sheep production and has expertise with beef cattle and goats.� His passion is the management of grazing systems starting from a basis of productive pastures, both native and introduced, through to their efficient utilisation by grazing animals of high genetic merit.�

Doug is a specialist in the development and application of whole farm modeling as decision support tools for farmers, and to inform public policy in fields such as climate change and drought management.

Over the years he has made a significant contribution to both scientific and extension literature, bringing his unique practical approach of real world farming to these pursuits.�

Graz Prophet provides services appropriate for clients from land holders and farm managers to R&D organisations and government agencies.

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